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Université Lumière Lyon 2 - 4Bis Rue de l'Université, 69007 Lyon

About IFAC

Automatic control is the technology not only for controlling devices, but also for designing and operating the systems for solving societal problems such as aging, health, energy, environment, food, security, disasters, and pandemic, as well as for creating societal values for sustainable developments in the future.

For more than 60 years, IFAC has made various professional technical activities from theory and technology to applications and societal challenge related to automatic control. IFAC has provided diverse people with various services and opportunities to participate in the various technical events and to present and publish papers, etc.

IFAC’s official members are National Member Organizations which represent countries. But individuals can become “affiliates”, which are personal members in IFAC. You can benefit from all IFAC services.

Solidarity and cooperation are important and essential to tackle societal issues. I would like to promote the activities to construct an arena for cooperation by exploring and exploiting digital transformation in IFAC.


IPC : International Program Chair

IPC Chair : Prof. Daniel Liberzon
IPC Vice-Chair : Prof. Sophie Tarbouriech
Editor: Ass. Prof. Daniele Astolfi

NOC: National Organizing Committee

Noc chair : Prof. Vincent Andrieu (LAGEPP)
Vice-Noc Chair : Prof. Gérard Scorletti (AMPERE - ECL)

Ass. Prof. Federico Bribesca (AMPERE - INSA)
Ass. Prof. Michael Di Loreto (AMPERE - INSA)
Ass. Prof. Jean-François Trégouët (AMPERE - INSA)
Ass. Prof. Anton Korniienko (AMPERE - ECL)
Prof. Bernhard Maschke (LAGEPP - UCBL)
Ass. Prof. Madiha Nadri (LAGEPP - UCBL)
Ass. Prof. Ulysse Serres (LAGEPP - UCBL)
Prof. Vincent Cheutet (Disp - INSA)
Prof. Yassine Ouzrout (Disp - Lyon2)

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